Saturday, November 1, 2008

StopMotion Exercises

I'm enjoying our stop-motion class this semester. I definitely wouldn't want to do it professionally, but I like the ability to do decent animation so much more immediately. It feels almost like sketching motion to me. I could see myself keeping a good puppet rig on hand just to try out motion ideas w/o having to sit down and draw or fiddle with software. With stop-mo, you don't have to worry about your volumes changing size, or if the rig will have all the controls you need for it. Or so it seems to me.

This first one was an exercise on having the puppet go from a crouch to a stand. all while keeping smooth overlapping action. I ran short on time at the end, so I wasn't able to have the puppet settle as completely as I wanted, but I think the end result still works. Each of these were done in under 2 hours.

This second one was an in-class action analysis assignment. We had to have the puppet smash a clay object w/ a bat. I hadn't animated clay before, and didn't quite nail it this time, so even though the object's smash is a bit slow, I would've had to go back and reshoot the entire thing just to fix those 2-4 frames. As added bit of fun for this assignment, as I was posing the puppet to bring the bat down, the spine wire snapped in half, prompting an emergency fix. Despite the apparent catastrophe, Chris was able to help me fix the puppet and continue shooting the assignment. See if you can spot the frame at which the wire was replaced.

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