Monday, February 8, 2010


I've been doing yet more work on the Messerschmitt. The model is done and I'm getting the textures roughed out. Wikipedia has been enormously helpful for my modeling/texturing work on the planes. Both models I'm working on had almost-perfect orthographic views, and the ones for the Messerschmitt were about 6000x4000px, so they were really easy to work from. Additionally, they work as great guides for the texture work I'll be doing. Throw them into Photoshop, align to UVs, set to multiply, and there you go.

The texturing for the Messerchmitt inspired me to play around with some lighting stuff to get an idea of how it's all coming together. That also gave me some practice on working out how to best simulate actual lighting conditions. The first image below is the bare render thrown onto a blue background in Photoshop, and the second is my quick and dirty attempt at an old-timey photograph look. The sepia look is an adjustment layer, plus an alpha-masked aged photo paper texture I found on Google images.

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