Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm on FIRE!

I love Warhammer, I love pixel art, I love animation, I love the Death Korps, and I love fire. So I took yesterday and part of today off from my film to do some personal work. As a warm-up for the sort of stuff I'd like to do in my free time once I get back home, I decided to take one of the Death Korp models from the Forge World website and make it into pixel art.

This pic is really just a trace-off from the promo pic on the site (click for original page). This made it much easier to just focus on working out some of the more fiddly bits of working at the per-pixel level, instead of having to balance that with creating completely original work. The only part that is 100% me is the flame animation. This is a work-in-progress, and I hope to have him shooting serious flame in the near future.

EDIT: Got the rough flame burst working, plus some body lighting. I find the timeline feature in Photoshop to be very unintuitive relative to the other programs I've animated it. Could just be my inexperience with it. Either way, I still love doing this stuff.

Right now the flame is only using two of the five total colors, and it's only the major shapes, so I've got plent of detailing left to do. I also haven't blocked out all of the areas the light should be hitting on the body. More fun stuff to do. :D

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