Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Let's kick this back into gear, shall we? I'm working on my thesis film with one semester left to go. That's only slightly terrifying, since I scrapped my original film at the end of last semester and have started again from the ground up over Christmas Break. Long story short, Zombie Hitler has established his victory in Europe, and only Chester Harrison and his amazing moustache collection can bring freedom and democracy back where it belongs!

These are rough models, nothing more than proxies for blocking in my scenes. I'm pretty happy with the Zombie Nazi, and for a single day's worth of work, the B-17 isn't too shabby, either. Chester needs some more work, tho.

He's missing his hair, and I'm still fiddling around with his shapes and proportions.

The B-17 is untextured, except for the guns and propellers. The props are single quad polys with alpha'd textures, and the guns are sets of volumetric poly planes w/ alpha'd textures. This represents a single day's work. I'd like to take this rough model and cartoon it up a bit to fit with the proportions and features of the characters.

I just lowe the ay this guy turned out. I can't wait to finish him up, add some buddies, and get them moving.

This is a rough mockup I've put together to test camera settings and to start blocking out ideas for the gameplay footage. The background is a rip from one of the Metal Slug games. I slapped it onto a poly plane, extruded back some of the window and door areas, and voila, instant game-scape.

With any luck, plus some persistence and dedication, I hope to be adding updates here approximately once a week. I promise no miracles, but I will try to be consistent.

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