Saturday, January 23, 2010

Technically Fun

This video shows off what I love doing most: solving technical problems. I didn't want to have to hand-place all the ranks of little Zombie Nazis for my marching scene, so I decided to write a script to place them for me. Since we don't actually cover any sort of programming topics in the Animation program, this was a wonderful adventure of logic and math for me.

I like animation and art well enough, but I'm a computer guy at heart. So once I got the basic placement script working, I decided to add a procedure that lets me open up a blank scene, tell it how many rows of how many soldiers I want, and it'll reference them all, then form the ranks. I tested it up to a 20x20 grouping, then thought it'd be funny to make them all look in the same direction. I created a locater, point constrained a box to it so you could see its placement in the renders, then wrote a little script that aim-constrained the zombies to face the box.

So there you have it: Adric's idea of fun and thorough enjoyment.

Crowd Look Test from Adric Worley on Vimeo.

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