Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Guuuuuuuuh. Had to rebuild Chester's head and his whole rig. Here's a shot from painting weights.

That is all.


Chester's so happy to have a (minimal) working facial rig. Definitely not ready for any sort of real lip-sync, but it'll have to do. In my ideal world, I'd have time to make a snazzy face UI that has crazy stuff like, you know, labels for what controls do what, or blendshapes, or something. No time for that (both b/c of time setting up in Maya and working on downstream UDK implementation). Gotta crunch as much in as fast as possible to get a passing film.

Reeeeeally want to start working on a side-project that we've got cooking on the back burners. May throw out some hints later on... :D

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