Saturday, April 3, 2010

You win, SVN, Also, overheating kills machines.

I am absolutely in love with SVN right now. I was setting up a scene in UDK to test out some workflow/rendering things, and something didn't quite go right. I went to save my stuff, and my computer completely froze. Had to do a full hard reboot and check some BIOS settings. When I got back up and running, I reopened UDK only to discover that almost all of my asset packages had corrupted and would crash the editor when I tried to load them. If I had to rebuild them, I would waste up to a few hours getting everything reimported and reconstructed. If I did only traditional backups, I'd have to hunt them down and overwrite the corrupted files with the new ones. SVN pretty much eliminates that.

To recover my damaged files, all I had to do was right click, Tortoise SVN, Revert, and click to confirm. A total of about 15 seconds. Thank you, version control.

Now to figure out why my camera socket mount isn't working properly...

PS: Totally discovered why my computer froze. After a few blackout crashes, I popped open my case to see the big fancy sticker from my video card dangling loose among the cables. I've been drilling it so hard that the card melted the adhesive. Of course, there's a number of factors that figure into this:

  1. Rez is stupid dusty. Anything that sits for more than a few days is coated with dust. The leading edges of all my case fans are white with the stuff.
  2. I don't have my towers in optimal airflow areas. My Linux box is sitting under my (mostly enclosed) desk, and my work box is penned in on three sides by my desk, my dresser, and a concrete wall. If the case didn't have 200mm front and top fans, there'd be almost no airflow for it whatsoever.
  3. It's getting warmer (for Canada, anyways), and the building still doesn't have the A/C turned on. My only choices are heating, or opening the windows.
  4. I run my machines hard. I do regular maintenance, but the hard reality is that I stress my machines a lot. I'm often running Maya, Photoshop, UDK, and Premiere all at the same time, along with Firefox, Steam, and VLC or Winamp. UDK is especially bad because it constantly chews CPU cycles when active since it's actively running parts of the Unreal engine constantly.

So once my machine cools off, I'm gonna rearrange my room a bit and see if that doesn't alleviate my overheating issues.

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