Saturday, March 27, 2010


First single big step for my project! I finally have all my rigs done and tested. They're not perfect, so I'm not 100% pleased with them, but they're good enough for now, and I really don't have any more time to spend tweaking them. The whole process was really good for helping me understand possible UDK pipeline problems with character creation.

To test the character rigs, we were required to put each one through an arm raise, a walk, a turn and step, and a jump. Since two of my characters are airplanes, I ran those through control surface tests, a simple climb and dive, a loop turn, and a turret test for the carrier plane. I banged out each individual animation in <1hr or less, so they're not well timed, and they're not cleaned up at all.

Chester RigTests from Adric Worley on Vimeo.

I'm mostly happy with Chester's rig. His proportions create some issues with knee bend clipping, and the biceps look a little wonky, but otherwise he works pretty well. The autorigger script, as I may have mentioned before, is designed to work in Y-up space, and I'm using Z-up, so that's created some minor issues with the rig controls, but nothing I can't deal with.

NaziGrunt RigTests from Adric Worley on Vimeo.

I'm about as happy with this rig as with Chester's, though I wish I had the time to work out a better shoulder solution. The way it is now just doesn't twist well.

Messr RigTests from Adric Worley on Vimeo.

I like the way this model turned out. My only concern with the rig is that I may have placed the center of gravity pivot point just a little off from where it should be.

Carrier RigTests from Adric Worley on Vimeo.

I'm really really happy with the way this one came out. I tried a few extra things with the animation, adding in some small vibration to break up some otherwise stiff stuff, and I think it adds a lot to it. When it's got the particle effects hooked up, it makes me even happier :D.

Now to finish the actual film production in about 14 days >:(
Can't wait til this whole film thing is over. I wanna make games... with vikings...

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