Monday, June 7, 2010


The past few weeks have been kinda crazy for me. In addition to working on my portfolio, I've been doing some freelance work for two different companies. One of them, Bricks Bots and Beyond, focuses on teaching kids about how to use technology using Legos and a drag-and-drop programming language called Scratch. Last week I worked as a teaching assistant for the Lego WeDo camp teaching kids about simple robotics and programming.

I was also asked to do a logo/tshirt design for them.

This was my first stab at using Illustrator, and it's been a mixed experience. I really like how clean and efficient the results can be, but it's been difficult adapting to the right mindset. Like maintaining consistent real-world scales between artboards when using linked images that will need to eventually be imported and saved into an EPS file for the printers... Anyways, I'm hoping to try some more advanced work in it later to see what it can do.

In further fun news, I've been asked to develop, organize, and teach a four day stop-mo Lego animation camp. My stop-mo teacher from third year and all-round awesome dude Chris Walsh was gracious enough to give me some pointers on what I will need to run the classes. As I told him, now that I'm on the teaching side of the classroom, I have a whole lot more respect for teachers and their ability to wrangle kids (yes, college animation students count as kids, too) and beat the information into our heads.

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