Monday, June 6, 2011

New Domain

You might notice, if you look at your address bar, that this blog has changed locations. I got a pretty sweet deal on my domain name by signing up through Google Apps. For $10, they registered my domain name and set it up with sub-domains pointing to the free apps they provide (email, calendar, docs, and sites). I had to set up the main site and blog manually, but that wasn't terribly difficult because the third party registrar Google used ( has a handy web interface that makes DNS configuration pretty simple.

I've also been having a lot of fun getting my Ubuntu server back up and running. After several months of being offline, I tried to resurrect it, only to have a failed update make the system unbootable. I was thankful to discover that you can install a fresh version of Ubuntu server over an old one using the "reuse partition" option, and you will retain most of your files. My MySQL databases were completely wiped, but I didn't have anything worthwhile in them anyways.

Since it had been a while since I'd gotten my hands dirty with server maintenance, there was a lot of fumbling around in the command line before I hit my groove again. Once I did, though, I got my Subversion safety nets set up for the various projects I'm involved with, and learned how to make them all easily and (sort of) securely accessible with Apache.

That said, there's still a number of bugs to iron out. My Wordpress testing site has mysteriously lost functionality. I can navigate to the pages, but they load up blank, and viewing source in my browser seems to tell me that there is no code being loaded. I may just scrap it all and just reinstall WP completely from the ground up. Also, with all the hack-y setup I was doing before I hit my groove, I really need to go back and fix permissions and consolidate password/access settings for Subversion.

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