Saturday, September 24, 2011

Surgery and Cathedrals

I had oral surgery last week (soft tissue graft so my molars won't fall out), which meant a lot of sitting at home with a lot of extra time on my hands while the drugs messed with my brain. Of course, I did what any other reasonable person riding a Vicodin high would do: I built a cathedral in Minecraft.

Now, I did use a very nice program called MCEdit to take care of most of the repetitive work, so it's not like I mined, crafted, and built this entire thing by hand. I did a ton of planning on graph paper, especially how to handle the various curves. All of the detail-work and parts-building was done in Minecraft proper (using the nice "new" creative mode), but I then used MCEdit to copy/paste/shift the bits around. I'm still not finished, but I figured I have enough so far to pique some interest.

There's also a catacombs level which leads to a large cavern that I'm not sure what I will do yet. I don't have any screenshots of those yet. Not that it would matter, since the catacombs are so dark that you can only see about 5 blocks in any direction, thanks to the darkening effects of being placed just over the void.
A view from the nearby NPC village
An external view of the sanctuary
Pretty lights at night!
Before I finished the sanctuary wall...
Main hall at night

Dome at night
A view from the pews
The sanctuary at night

Perfect view of the sunset


Mike said...

Hey Andric,

Just heard your interview on Guys With Pencils and wanted to check out your work (that flame trooper is awesome). I heard you mention a Raleigh theater on the podcast, which got me interested because I go to college about an hour away (I'm a month from graduating from their animation program) and I've been to Raleigh a few times. Anyways, I just thought that was interesting, and I really like your work.

That cathedral is insane by the way. My computer is too slow to run mcedit (I have play MC on tiny settings, and I still get lag haha), but I've always liked seeing what people can create with it.

Mike said...

Hey, I'm sorry, I put a random n in your name and submitted the comment before I could change it